Accelerated Commercialization of Photovoltaic Water Pumping Project in Nepal

Ms. Sarita Regmi, a female livestock farmer residing in Shivadwar, Madi-11 of Chitwan District, daily life started early, in the morning at 3 p.m. To feed water to livestock and irrigate vegetable farm she needed to use her hand pump continuously for 3-4 hours daily. The water fetched from hand pump would be just enough to water cows and bathing was almost impossible. The quality and quantity of milk reduced and the cattle were also skin diseased with mites and ticks. “My husband developed back pain fetching and carrying water”, she shares. She further adds that her children used to grumble when asked to water cows. “Our productive time was compromised to water cows twice a day and one cow generally drank almost 40 liters a day and you can imagine the wastage of labor”, she questions in dismay. “I had never thought my days would change drastically simple by installing and owing a solar energy powered water pump” she moans again.

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