How We Work

Winrock International’s mission is to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources. It is central not only to what we do, but how we do it.

Winrock has a reputation of delivering excellence to the communities and people we serve around the globe. Both our Core Values and our Code of Conduct support how our people deliver on our mission. They provide a strategic and coordinated approach to how we work.

Our Core Values are the basis upon which our business and behavior are based, and our Code of Conduct serves as a collection of guiding principles that are an extension of our mission. The Code dictates how we conduct ourselves in performing the important work we do, and provides resources to help us make good, informed decisions and act on those decisions with integrity.

We take pride in living our Values and the principles of our Code in every interaction we have with beneficiaries, funders, subcontractors, vendors, and colleagues.

Our Values guide not only our thinking, but also our actions, and they make very real that we are in the business of human relations where ethics matter. Defining and maintaining a values-driven culture at Winrock International is not only an important thing to do, but it’s absolutely necessary in today’s environment.

– Rodney Ferguson, President and CEO


  • We are fiscally responsible.
  • We hold ourselves and our colleagues responsible for the outcomes of our choices, behaviors, and actions.
  • We take responsibility for all outcomes, positive and negative.


  • We treat our Winrock colleagues, our partners and funders, and all who benefit from our work with fairness and respect.
  • We believe that being inclusive and encouraging all voices to be heard is fundamental to delivering sustainable, effective solutions and systemic change.
  • We promote diversity in our teams and in our decision-making.


  • We create, apply, and scale up new solutions and technologies to overcome challenges.
  • We develop and execute ideas to meet the evolving needs of the communities we serve.


  • We are honest, fair, and transparent with our Winrock colleagues, our partners and funders, and all who benefit from our work.


  • We leave enduring, positive, measurable changes.
  • We make inclusive decisions driven by data, science, and the perceived needs of communities and the planet we share.
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Winrock International’s Code of Conduct is a collection of guiding principles that extend and amplify the Winrock mission. The Code dictates guiding principles for workplace conduct and provides resources to help Winrock employees make informed decisions and act on those decisions with integrity.

The Code covers everything from gender equality to personal data protection and has sections on Winrock’s commitments to staff, beneficiaries, donors and partners. The Code explains how to spot an ethical dilemma and how to report one if you do.

The Code webpage is designed for easy use with tabs for downloading the Code, reporting a concern, asking a question, or following up on an existing question. There is also a tab that provides access to the Winrock hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for reporting issues when other channels of communication aren’t available or reporters wish to remain anonymous.

“I am committed to maintaining a culture where people are encouraged to seek advice, voice concerns or report possible misconduct — and are protected from retaliation when they do so,” said Winrock President and CEO Rodney Ferguson, in an email to staff launching the Code.

To help Winrock employees feel comfortable and have multiple channels to discuss their concerns, a Code of Conduct ambassador was selected from each project, location or team. Ambassadors serve as local resources, in addition to the hotline and Compliance office. They explain what’s in the Code and channels for speaking up about it.

The Code was developed by the Human Resources department in conjunction with Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Charlotte Young.

“This Code needs to work for you, our valued employees,” says Ferguson. “If you have questions, concerns or suggestions for a better Code, please contact the Code of Conduct ambassador for your office location or our Risk and Compliance Office.”​