Empowering Rural Women and Improving Livelihoods

“I used to shiver in anguish when I had to confront any outsider. I even used to go out of words if I was asked my own name”, shares Ms. Dila Gurung, 35 of Taule-10, Surkhet district. Ms. Gurung now comfortably tells her story with anyone. She recently participated in experience sharing session in a village nearby. Before, she was limited to her domestic walls unaware of the outside world and opportunities that could boost her economy. Her husband used to work in India and she had to live separately in despair and poverty. It was a struggle to feed four children and afford them a good schooling, she shares. She was economically vulnerable even after holding 5 Ropani of land with no prospects of irrigation and productivity. The money brought by her husband was never enough to fulfill the basic need of all her children and she was in debt with no hope of repayment.

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