Access to Clean Energy Through Micro-finance (Cleanstart-NMB)

Duration: 2014-2017
Project Location: All 75 districts
Partners: UNCDF, NMB,Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd., Positive Planet, Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Local Financial Institutions (LFIs) and Winrock International.
Focal Person: Mr. Pashupati Prasad Khatri (Project Manager)
Status: Completed
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Project Objectives:

  1. To promote renewable energy technologies (RETs) based on requirement to increase energy access
  2. Increase financial access of rural communities for access to energy and enhanced livelihoods
  3. Assist NMB and NUBL to increase investment in RETs and other clean energy projects

Expected Outcomes:

  1.  Increased credit financing for RETs through LFI networks
  2.  Enhanced capacities of LFIs, NMB and NUBL to finance RETs as loan product
  3.  During the project period 600 biogas plants, 17,200 SHSs, and 6,200 ICS will be installed
  4. Similarly 6,000 House holds will be electrified from MHPs and 91 households will be electrified from IWM
  5. Establish wholesale loan relationship between banks and LFIs for renewable energy & SMEs financing