EPCs used consistently by low-income households in peri-urban Nepal

While transitions to electric cooking (eCooking) in more affluent and urban Nepali communities have been documented, a recent MECS Electric Cooking Outreach (ECO) challenge fund pilot study in Nepal has demonstrated clear uptake of eCooking by low-income peri-urban households – even those which collect firewood for free. 50 households in Katahariya Municipality (Rautahat District) participated in the six month pilot which assessed whether electric pressure cookers (EPCs) were compatible with consumer preferences and the local electricity infrastructure. 20 households from disadvantaged groups (DAG) – either ethnic minorities or economically poor – were included to see how eCooking preferences and uptake compared with the 30 non-disadvantaged households (‘General group’). The study was conducted by the non-profit organisation, Winrock International, with project partner, the Renewable Energy, Water Supply and Sanitation Promotion Centre (REWSSPC).

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