Refuse in Use: Ilam Municipality

Ilam Municipality, Winrock International, PlaNet Finance and Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC) are jointly implementing the Sustainable Production of Commercially Viable Products from Municipal Wastes through Public-Private Partnership in Green SMEs, Green City, Green Agro Products and Green Employment Generation project in Ilam Municipality. The project is being implemented under Switch-Asia Programme funded by the European Union. This four year project aims to support Ilam Municipality’s Green City Strategic Plan. This project will pioneer and innovative public-private partnership (PPP) between Ilam Municipality and the private sector that fuels a commercially-driven cycle of municipal solid waste management. The project aims to promote four dimensions of sustainable solid waste management as: Green Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Green City, Green Agriculture and Green Employment Generation. Green SMEs will create a streamlined waste management system for degradable and non-degradable wastes that incorporates waste collection, recycling and the management of compost plant that generates and distributes high value compost fertilizer for vegetable and tea cultivation. This documentary highlights the efforts of the Ilam Municipality towards Green Ilam Initiatives and activities of PPP for 4Gs project.