Empowering MHP Users Committee: Computer based Account Management System

Under the support of WISIONS, WinrockIntl and AEPC/RERL jointly organised 10 days training program on Computer Accounting to empower MHP Users Community to operate Micro Hydro Plants (MHP) as Commercially Viable Enterprises. The training sessions were led by Mr. Mahendra Chand and Mr. Chopendra Hamal, computer software experts. They oriented participants on concept, importance and aim of accounting and taught them to maintain account transaction in computer system. Participants practiced account entry in computer using dummy software. In addition to computer software training, participants were also oriented on importance of induction stoves for cooking and smart meters. Mr. Subarna Kapali, Managing Director of Ajummery Bikas Foundation oriented participants on importance of promoting induction stove for cooking in the MHP area. He also demonstrated induction stove. Mr. Saroj Dhoj Joshi, Director of Real Time Solution Pvt. Ltd. conducted the session on electricity meters. He presented on normal meters, pre-paid meters, smart meters, dynamic pricing and its benefits, metering as service etc. A total of 28 participants attended the training event including manager and members of the management committee.