Empowering MHP User Committee: Business Plan Development

A two-day “Empowering MHP User Committee: Business Plan Development” training was organized for 5 MHPs viz Badigad Khola MHP, Bhuji Khola V MHP, Nishi Khola II MHP, Nishi Khola III MHP and Chachalghat MHP that were selected for intervention by the project and one successful MHP (Girindi Khola MHP). The objective of the training was to build capacity of MHP users’ committee in developing business plan to increase electricity sales and revenue of the MHPs. The training conducted sessions lead by Ms. Resha Piya from Winrock International. Exercise based methods were used during the sessions. The training event was held on 23rd – 24th April 2018 at Kharbang, Baglung. In the training event, Ms. Piya provided direction to participants on business plan development with specific strategies to help MHP obtain their goals, targets and operational milestones. She also oriented participants on concept of leadership and motivation. The participants prepared business plan for their respective MHP. Besides, managers of each MHP shared progress made on action items compared to earlier training and updated their action plan accordingly. A total of 30 participants attended the training event including Chairperson of the rural municipalities; Manager, Secretary, Operator and other members of the users’ committee etc.