Data Collection, Model Implication, and Effect Analysis for the Kathmandu, Nepal Case Study of Sustainable Fuel Partnership Project

Duration: Nov 2010 to Jan 2011
Project Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Partners: PADECO Co., Ltd.
Focal Person: Mr. Binod Prasad Shrestha and Ms. Nira Bhatta
Status: Completed
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Transport demand and related fuel use is increasing rapidly across Asia and the Pacific due to economic growth and the associated shipment of goods, movement of people and the unprecedented growth in vehicle ownership. The current transport development trends across the region are based on high levels of motorization, which lock countries and cities into fossil fuel dependence. In this back drop, the project aimed to compile sufficient energy and transport related data for eventual calculation of potential fuel savings by comparing land transport fuel consumption for the business as usual case with alternate future development scenarios.