Country Director, Winrock International Nepal jointly unveils the Country Action Plan (CAP) developed for Transforming the Cookstoves and Fuels Market in Nepal

On 2nd February 2023, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) in close collaboration with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and, subsequently, with the National Planning Commission (NPC) launched the development of the Country Action Plan (CAP) for Transforming the Cookstoves and Fuels Market in Nepal. Mr. Badri Nath Baral, Country Director, Winrock International Nepal, was invited as a guest to this launching ceremony as a guest to unveil the CAP and to deliver his remarks at the event.  In his short remarks as guest speaker, Mr. Baral highlighted the massive electric cooking implementation in market based model by Nepal Renewal Energy Programme (NREP) where Winrock is one of the implementing partner. Also, he elucidated the potential contribution by CAP launched at the most opportune time to contribute Nepal’s national and international climate change mitigation ambitions via e-cooking. CAP was developed based on a rigorous methodology, consultations, and activities by different partners working in the sector, and key insights from CCA-commissioned foundational research. Winrock International Nepal was one of the key partners to conduct an “Assessment on the Readiness for Widespread Adoption of Electric Cooking in Nepal” for the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA). The main objective of the assessment was to confirm the extent to which the current and planned hydropower and off-grid electricity generation along with the infrastructure required for its distribution can adequately support the growing demand for electricity to support electric cooking.

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