Bikalpa Khadka
Micro Hydro Specialist/ NREP [email protected]

Bikalpa Khadka, Micro Hydro Specialist of Nepal Renewable Energy Programme is a Civil Engineer with master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering having more than 7 years of experience in Renewable Energy Sector, specially mini/micro hydro projects. She has worked as a Civil Engineer at RUDK, as a Consultant at AEPC. She has successfully managed the rehabilitation of more than 50 micro hydro projects and conducted feasibility study for rehabilitation of more than 20 mini/micro hydro projects. She is also a registered POHV Inspector. Her work focuses on sustainable development through renewable energy, specially system improvement of existing infrastructures. She has conducted research on sustainable heating concept in higher altitudes, heat waves pattern and its effect on individuals and study of market and financial viability of CSEB.