Winrock Attends Grid Reliability and Utility Operations Conference in Accra, Ghana


Winrock International Nepal is implementing Energy and Economic Growth (EEG)/ Oxford Policy Management (OPM) funded research project “Comparative Analysis of Economic Activities and Job creation Spurred by Advent of Electrification between Distribution of Electricity between Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) Distribution and Consumer Service (DCS) and Community Rural Electrification Entities (CREE)”. To know more about the project please follow the link

On 4th and 5th February of 2020, Mr. Badri Nath Baral and Mr. Govinda Khanal from Winrock International participated in Grid Reliability and Utility Operations Conference organised by DFID funded Applied Research Program on Energy and Economic Growth in Accra, Ghana. Winrock presented findings from emerging research on the challenges that utilities in low and middle-income countries face in delivering reliable, sustainable electricity to customers. In total, 136 attendees from different countries, academia and development organizations participated the conference.

The conference sessions were structured in seven major components:

  1. Enhancing participation of women in the energy sector,
  2. Power system that comes under stem planning and expansion,
  3. The Impact of unreliable supply on economies, livelihoods and energy sector,
  4. Voltage and power quality,
  5. Utility reform and service delivery,
  6. The role of emerging technologies and
  7. Evidence on the impact of metering.

On 5th February, Mr. Badri Nath Baral delivered presentation on initial findings of Winrock’s ongoing research as mentioned above. The participants appreciated solution-oriented approach of the research compared to other research carried by academic institutions with a focus on problem identification. The case study shared at the end of the presentation was regarded effective among the participants.

Mr. Simon Trace, EEG Program Director highlighted the smooth implementation of research and its alignment with proposed timeline. He also appreciated that while all other EEG funded researches were focused on problem identification, Winrock’s research was focused on solution. During question & answer session and network building, some of the other researchers were interested in knowing more about the CREE model and its tariff structure.

From this Conference, Winrock could learn interesting ideas on cost of outages, specific data collection tools, approach to enhancing GESI in energy sector and impact of unreliable energy. This conference helped in establishing networks with several academic research institutions fostering knowledge exchange.

The details of the presenters, sessions and the presentation can be downloaded from the link: