Lighting Lap of Mt. Dhaulagiri

Nested among the Mt. Dhaulagiri, lies the picturesque village “Lete” of Mustang district having stone houses with slate roofs. When the weather is pleasant, the village offers views of the breathtaking snowcapped mountains at the background. 55 years old Ganga Kumari Sinjali from this village, has to suffer a lot due to unreliable electricity supply and experiences limited and unpredictable supply and voltage fluctuation from the local grid which is inadequately equipped. More importantly, the portion of the income has to be spend buying other fuels for lighting the house. Thus, it was a common practice for her and her family of 6 had to have their dinner in day light.

Being obliged to darkness, her utmost stress was that her children too couldn’t complete their homework on time. On April 2016, with access to credit/loan of NPR 40,000 under Cleanstart Project from Nirdhan Utthan Bank; she was able to purchase the solar lighting system. Two 20 Wp solar panels on her attic roof with a two-year loan tenure were connected. Such financial instruments and the support from the Bank triggered through Cleanstart Project helps deliver energy services for the people of Lete village.

Ms. Sinajli was successful to get information on energy loan with less interest to pay back to bank and therefore fortunate to brighten her house with solar panel. She was aware about the collateral free energy loan after Nirdhan Utthan Bank was established in Lete ward 2 Ghasa. It formed various communal organizations. “Kalopanni Independent Women Society (KIWS) was one of those communal organization, and being part of it later benefited her for approaching Nirdhan for any additional loan requirement.”

Today, she shares how this solar home system acquired under UNCDF’s Cleanstart project being implemented by NMB Bank Limited with Technical collaboration with Winrock International had made her and children’s life easier; she now does not have to cook early leaving other important work. Her daughter too has time to help her in kitchen while his son looks after cattle and complete their school homework at night under solar panel light.