Improved water mill: Helps to change life of Widow

Mrs. Kaushalya Neupane, a mother of 7 children, was struggling for her living after her husband passed away. She did not have job and their income source, family owned traditional water mill located at Jampada Village-9, Santada VDC of Achham district, was also closed down due to lack of maintenance. Being single women it was challenging for Kaushalya to come up with a decision to run water mill once again.
She enthused to improve her water mill only after joining KIRAN group supported by Rural Access Program 3 (RAP-3) where she came to know that Winrock provides technical and financial support to upgrade the traditional water mills located within RAP-3 corridors that provides milling services to members of road maintenance groups.
With help of Winrock managed RAP-3 project, she upgraded the traditional water mill with durable materials. The straw roof was replaced by tin which protect from water leaks during rainy seasons, wood tube was replaced with HDP pipe that avoids decay, wooden turbine with iron and the canal was strengthened using cement.
“I am earning money enough from water mill to provide good life to my children, therefore, villagers who used to discourage me earlier, now admire me and my work” says Kaushalya. “Our water mill now can grind 250 kg of wheat in a day which is five times more than what we used to grind in the traditional mill”. She mentioned that local villagers are benefitting from the increase efficiency in processing their grains and daily operation of mill.
“Where there’s a will there’s a way”. This statement perfectly fits to Kaushalya. Her determination to improve and run water mill not only benefited her family but she is derived as a role model in conservative society demonstrating that single women can also gain respected position in society if there is a will.
Winrock International under its RAP-3 project has provided technical and financial support to upgrade total 45 water mills, like Kaushalya’s mill, in community within RAP-3 corridors.

Before (Traditional Water Mill)​

After (Improved Water Mill)