Winrock International in Nepal

Winrock International has a long history of contributing to Nepal's development and, through its predecessors (Agricultural Development Council, Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Centre and International Agricultural Development Services), has been working to increase economic opportunity and sustain resources while protecting the environment of Nepal for over 30 years. In 3 decades of working experience in Nepal, Winrock International has periodically shifted program focus to address the current needs of the country, designing specific thematic programs and developing a coherent institutional strategy, vision and mission in Nepal. Keeping Winrock International's global mission: 'To work with Winrock people to build a better world by increasing agricultural productivity and rural development while protecting the environment, Winrock Nepal currently conducts activities under 3 multidimensional programs: 
  1. Renewable Energy Promotion
  2. Education and Income Generation for Conflict Mitigation
  3. Agriculture

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