Urban Transport

Transportation in Nepal is facing critical problems. Largely imported fossil fuel based transportation is the biggest contributor to local air pollution and the second largest emitter of GHGs. Diesel and gasoline are major transportation fuel in Nepal. Vehicle registration is growing tremendously in Nepal and many old vehicles aged over 15 years are still in operation. The price of fuels used in Nepal are rarely matched with the international market such as when the price of fossil fuel is increased in international market then also the previous price remains same and in this cases government loses billions of rupees in subsidizing oil prices. Because of it significant straining federal funds and other essential development budgets are being cut. Winrock International has been promoting electric vehicles as solution to this critical problem since ten years. Over the years, Winrock has undertaken feasibility studies, policy advocacy, and provided technical support to various transport related projects. Winrock's involvement has guided policy makers and implementers to identify current scenario and future need in transport sector of Nepal. 

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