About SWITCH-Asia Project

The project will pioneer an innovative public-private partnership (PPP) between Ilam Municipality and the private sector that fuels a commercially-driven cycle of solid waste management.

The PPP for 4Gs model integrates four dimensions of sustainable solid waste management: green Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), green city, green agricultural products and green employment generation. SMEs will create a streamlined waste management system for degradable and non-degradable waste that incorporates collection, recy-cling, and the management of a new plant that gen-erates compost for tea and vegetable cultivation. PPP for 4Gs supports Ilam Municipality's visionary "Green City" initiative while creating new green jobs and setting a benchmark for replication in Nepal's remaining 58 municipalities. The initiative will build up on Ilam’s existing activities and plans in a holistic approach that ensures a commercially viable prod-uct – organic compost – at the end of the waste management cycle. It works on four core interwoven components: enable sustainable waste manage-ment systems, construct of compost plant through public-private partnership, promoting compost use for organic farming and mobilizing financing institu-tion for access to credit to enhance organic farming. The four-year program has been made possible with financial support from European Union.