Renewable Energy Extension & Research

Winrock International-Nepal has promoted and integrated renewable energy systems in rural communities, made improvements to and recommendations on policy framework and investment programs for renewable energy, introduced renewable energy options for livelihood and poverty alleviation initiatives, and built the capacity of NGOs, industry associations, private project developers, and government agencies. 


Winrock International-Nepal has pioneered clean energy services for poor households through access to microfinance in Nepal, and supports additional livelihood enhancement by promoting small and medium enterprises using clean energy. Since 2003, WI has been working with rural poor households, the government, major urban development/commercial Banks, micro finance institutions, energy companies, commercial/development banks to develop market mechanisms for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders. Access to microfinance for lower-income purchasers has been extended for installation of biogas, solar home systems, smoke hoods, and improved cooking stoves. 


Winrock International- Nepal has been contributing to policy research such as applied research on the use and impacts of clean energy interventions, alternative energy financing, hydropower development, urban transport planning and climate change issues have helped formulate current frameworks in respective fields. 

Energy Efficiency

The industrial sector is one of the major consumers of energy in Nepal not because there are many industries but the inefficient use of energy in industries. To reform the traditional use of energy consumption practices, efforts are needed to transfer into energy efficient practices. In this regards, Winrock International - Nepal undertakes market based energy efficiency research and also conduct detail energy audit of industries. 

Renewable Energy Technology

Winrock International-Nepal's activities promoting use of renewable forms of energy, including promotion of community based rural electrification have been closely aligned with government plans and policies. WI has been closely working with various government agencies, and has forged a number of MOUs with the government agency Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) and private companies and stakeholders to promote : 



Improved cooking stoves

Solar home systems

Smoke hoods

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