Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources.

Our approach to development has been that of overall commitment to tackle problems where they occur, encouraging local initiatives in finding solutions to problems to promote long term adoption of new ideas, technologies and practices.

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Starting Poultry and Orange Farming after Vocational Training

Starting Poultry and Orange Farming after Vocational Training

Mr. Shiv Thapa, 30, of Gaindakot VDC – 9 says - I was really tired of toiling in Dubai, Qatar for so long, so I returned from the Middle East. I used to do very hard manual labor work with very low financial incentive. My father was so sad to know that I couldn’t pay back the loan around Rs. 600,000 ($7,058.82) taken for my foreign employment job processing. I decided to do something in my own village.

Lighting up Rural Households

Nirmaya B.K., a resident of Moulatandi, Banimanipur VDC of Nawalparasi, is a member of Nava Pratibha Saving and Credit Cooperative and has obtained loan for various activities.

 Woman-led Employment from SHS Lighting

Woman-led Employment from SHS Lighting

Jin Kumari Soti, 29, is local resident of Galda village development committee – 8, Palpa and affiliated with Andhakarmukti Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited of Palpa district. She has two school-going children. With the help of her husband she is operating a small restaurant business in her house along the road-side. She is active saving member of the cooperative, saving Rs. 120 each month.

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